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Halloween Carnival of the Damned Fancy Dress

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Gothic Swan Eyemask, White, Tie Sides..
£3.42 Ex Tax: £2.85
Masquerade Dark Angel Eyemask, Silver, with Tie Sides & Feathers..
£4.57 Ex Tax: £3.81
Dark Opera Masquerade Costume, with Cape, Mock Shirt, Mask, Gloves & Faux Rose..
£24.40 Ex Tax: £20.33
Luxury Venetian Capitano Mask, Silver..
£6.40 Ex Tax: £5.33
Plague Doctor Costume, Black, with Top, Cloak, Gloves & Mock Leather Hat..
£22.19 Ex Tax: £18.49
Gothic Venetian Harlequin Costume, with Top, Trousers & Collar..
£20.38 Ex Tax: £16.98
Venetian Temptress Costume, Red, with Top, Skirt & Headpiece..
£17.98 Ex Tax: £14.98
Gothic Swan Masquerade Costume, Black, with Dress..
£25.31 Ex Tax: £21.09
Black Widow Web Eyemask, Metal Filigree..
£7.19 Ex Tax: £5.99
Baroque Beauty Masquerade Costume, with Dress & Peplums..
£34.91 Ex Tax: £29.09
Witch Masquerade Costume, with Dress, Sleeves and Hat..
£20.94 Ex Tax: £17.45
Venetian Masked Highwayman Mask, Beige..
£4.20 Ex Tax: £3.50
Venetian Highwayman Costume, Black, with Jacket, Cape & Collar..
£19.18 Ex Tax: £15.98
Phantom Masquerade Vampire Cape, Black, with Purple Lining and Chain Detail..
£12.31 Ex Tax: £10.26
Masked Beauty Masquerade Eyemask, on Stick..
£12.59 Ex Tax: £10.49
Gothic Venetian Harlequin Costume, with Dress, Sleeves & Collar..
£20.38 Ex Tax: £16.98
Farfalla Metal Filigree Eyemask, Black..
£8.53 Ex Tax: £7.11
Devilish Masquerade Costume, Red, with Dress, Paniers and Gloves..
£31.82 Ex Tax: £26.52
Devil Masquerade Costume, Red, with Jacket, Faux Shirt, Scarf and Trousers..
£25.12 Ex Tax: £20.93
Dark Angel Masquerade Costume, Black, with Dress & Wings..
£23.80 Ex Tax: £19.83
Black Widow Baroness Costume, with Printed Dress..
£24.58 Ex Tax: £20.48