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Halloween Gothic Manor Fancy Dress

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Gothic Lace Choker, Black, Ornate with Jewelled Cross..
£4.76 Ex Tax: £3.97
The Gothic Count Costume, Mock Waistcoat with Attached Cravat, Jacket, Hat..
£51.11 Ex Tax: £42.59
Duchess of the Manor Costume, Black, with Full Length Dress & Hem Detail..
£24.40 Ex Tax: £20.33
Gothic Manor Groom Costume, Navy, with Jacket, Trousers, Cravat & Hat..
£32.81 Ex Tax: £27.34
Duke of the Manor Costume, Blue, with Jacket, Mock Shirt & Bow Tie..
£20.12 Ex Tax: £16.77
Countess Nocturna Costume, Black, with Dress & Gloves..
£35.14 Ex Tax: £29.28
Vampire Leading Man Costume, with Jacket, Faux Vest and Shirt, Bow Tie and Sash..
£15.74 Ex Tax: £13.12
Lace Vampiress Costume, with Dress..
£32.46 Ex Tax: £27.05
Gothic Manor Vampire Costume, Male, Shirt with Attached Cravat and Cape..
£35.93 Ex Tax: £29.94
Gothic Manor Vampire Costume, Female, Fishtail Dress with Wings, Collar and Gloves..
£30.05 Ex Tax: £25.04
Gothic Manor Graveyard Bones, Glow in the Dark, with Jumpsuit, Hood, Gloves and Bootcovers..
£35.92 Ex Tax: £29.93
Gothic Manor Ghost Bride Costume, Purple, with Dress, Veil & Bouquet..
£35.92 Ex Tax: £29.93
Gothic Manor Bride Wig, Purple, Long & Wavy..
£10.70 Ex Tax: £8.92
Gothic Countess Wig, Black, Long, Curly..
£17.02 Ex Tax: £14.18
Gothic Count Wig, Black, Long & Straight..
£15.01 Ex Tax: £12.51
Glam Vampiress Costume, with Dress, Gloves and Choker..
£27.36 Ex Tax: £22.80
Cemetery Angel Wig, Cement, Long and Wavy..
£11.65 Ex Tax: £9.71
Cemetery Angel Costume, Cement, with Dress, Wings and Sleeves..
£26.41 Ex Tax: £22.01